I am no longer one Madman!

2016-01-01 17:32:43 by Victor10Hugo

I know I promised I'd come back, but will not give, from today I will not go more animate Madness Combat, but will continue watching and seeing my friends animate, I went into spectator mode now in Madness World, excuse me, but I do not want more animate Madness Combat, but always will comment and I will vote and I will help my friends in NG... :T


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2016-01-15 20:32:34

Hey man, there's no problem, no one's obligating you to animate Madness, I know how's hard and... well kind of boring xD, but the final result is always worth it :) (except you make a bad animation xD)
Being critic (critic, not a hater xD) helps a lot if you have a good vision of how animating works, I'm like that sometimes, and it's very helpful mainly if someone make tests and make a post with them, calling for help and constructive critism :)
Good luck bro ;)
Q o espirito huehueBR esteja com vc xD brincadeira


2016-01-15 22:12:24

K. .


2016-01-19 17:57:28


however, would you consider making new animations in flash, about other topics?