Backing...and News

2016-06-26 14:51:50 by Victor10Hugo

I am backing to NG, I'm makinga original animation (no name now), the animation style is the of Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy (flashing lines).

A image from the animation (there is nothing more independent than that):


(the texts of the animation is Portuguese-Brazillian, more in NG there will be subtitles)


- Victor H. (Junmanjy)

I went back to being a Madman fucked

2016-04-23 21:49:43 by Victor10Hugo

I went back to being a fucking Madman, but in real, so I do not as aggressive as I am in NG now, and ... fuck, I do hentai too, will do what? PC is mine.



I am no longer one Madman!

2016-01-01 17:32:43 by Victor10Hugo

I know I promised I'd come back, but will not give, from today I will not go more animate Madness Combat, but will continue watching and seeing my friends animate, I went into spectator mode now in Madness World, excuse me, but I do not want more animate Madness Combat, but always will comment and I will vote and I will help my friends in NG... :T

New sprite and...WTF!

2015-04-17 14:13:28 by Victor10Hugo

My new madness sprite, now small for all use in your animations :D

and my Youtube channel:

My new sprite Madness Combat to MC8

2015-03-27 16:11:43 by Victor10Hugo

My new sprite, much cooler

Link to download (Macromedia Flash 8):